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Pharmacy First Services 2023-24

**New!** Pharmacy First services update 19.05.23 **New!**

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Pharmacy First Devon UTI Mild inflammatory Skin Conditions Impetigo
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Drug Nitrofurantoin M/R Capsules Hydrocortisone 1% topical Hydrogen Peroxide Cream 1%
PGD/Protocol? PGD PGD Clinical Protocol
Training requirements Checklist; read & sign PGD/protocol; Pharmacist currently registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council
Additional requirements Previous attendance at a specific commissioning organisation training event and satisfactory completion of any post-event training material
Satisfactory completion of the CPPE learning pack ‘ Common Clinical Conditions and Minor Ailments and successful completion of e-assessment ‘ Minor Ailments: A Clinical Approach’. A declaration of competence for minor ailments may be recorded via the CPPE link
Additional info >16, <65YO females with 2 or more of: Dysuria, new nocturia or cloudy to the naked eye

IMPORTANT NOTE: from 1st April 2023, this antimicrobial PGD service includes an additional follow-up element after the initial consultation/supply as a requirement.

Adults and children 10 years or over for use on the face (use on other areas must
be purchased over the counter) presenting with acute dermatitis, mild eczema or
insect bite reactionsORChildren aged 1 to 9 years presenting with acute dermatitis or mild eczema or
insect bite reactions (including on the face for these indications)
>2YO & present in the pharmacy
Check PGD for full inclusion & exclusion criteria