CPE Webinars – Pharmacy First

Pharmacy First – Getting to Know the Service Webinar 

This webinar is intended to provide the initial launch information for the Pharmacy First service, outlining the core details and how the service will work.

We will explain the process used to develop the clinical pathways and PGDs, work through one of the clinical pathways, explore the learning and development requirements, and describe the accompanying digital systems which are in development.

David Webb, the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for England will also be speaking at the event.


Hypertension Case Finding Service Webinar

This webinar is aimed at helping pharmacy teams who are already providing the service to review the way they provide it, including making greater use of the whole pharmacy team within its provision.

We will also focus on how to make sure as many eligible patients as possible take up the offer to have ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM).

During the webinar, we will provide a brief review of the service requirements, then discuss the changes to the service from 1st December 2023, including how to make best use of the pharmacy team.

A pharmacy owner will talk about how they have maximised use of skill mix within their team and a pharmacist, who has been successful in recruiting patients to have ABPM, will also join us to share their experiences and top tips.


Pharmacy Contraception Service Webinar

This webinar is aimed at helping pharmacy teams who have not yet started to provide the service to get ready to offer it to their patients.

We will review the service and its requirements, explore the learning and development requirements for pharmacists providing the service and the resources available to support its provision.

A pharmacist who has been involved in the pilot of the service will also be on hand to share their experiences and top tips.


Pharmacy First – Getting Ready to Launch Webinar

This webinar will focus on how to get ready to launch the service, building on the content of the December webinar and providing further practical information.

We will provide a brief reminder of the service requirements, followed by a review of the resources available to pharmacy owners and their teams to support provision of the service.

An update on development of the digital systems to support the service will be provided and we will hear from a pharmacist who has experience of providing similar locally commissioned PGD services and their tips on how to conduct consultations.

We will also focus on answering the frequently raised questions and issues since the first webinar in December, alongside answering questions from attendees.