SCR and Smartcard changes feedback during the COVID-19 Pandemic (5th June 2020)

To help facilitate easier access to patient information, over the past few months there have been temporary changes to both smartcards and the SCR for pharmacy teams, including multi-site (FFFFF) access (which allows pharmacists and technicians to access the SCR at any pharmacy site they may be working at) for all pharmacists and technicians, and additional information to be included as the default SCR. In order to help lift up examples of best practice and to lobby effectively for their continuation beyond the length of the COVID-19 pandemic, PSNC is requesting pharmacy teams email with experiences about why the changes are necessary even were it not for the pandemic.

For more information you can read the PSNC briefings as outlined below:

A useful document letting you know about getting Smartcards ready for use when you need them.

  • Smartcard advice
  • These telephone numbers to be used regarding Smartcards; 01752 580315 or 01752 580318 (Updated 25 April 2022)

All guidance for smartcards, is on the NHS Digital website:

Smartcard support contact details are as follows:



Amanda Collins – 01752 581903

Carey Nixon-James – 01752 581913

Corey Hall – 01752 580309

Smartcard Security

  • Always keep your card safe!
  • Always protect your credentials!
  • Do Not write your password or passcode anywhere!
  • Never let anyone else use your Smartcard!
  • Always notify RA Agent immediately in the event of the loss, disclosure or suspected theft of your Smartcard
  • Do not stick anything to your Smartcard or deface it in anyway.

If you are found to be in breach of your terms and conditions it could lead to your card being revoked!