Devon LPC Press Release: Treat Pharmacy Team With Respect

Pharmacists in Devon are reporting violence and abuse towards them  

As the UK responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, Community Pharmacies in Devon are working in challenging circumstances to ensure that everyone gets the medicines they need, when they need them. There is exceptional demand for medication due to:

  • patients ordering their medicines ahead of the due date
  • ordering medicines they haven’t had for some time ‘just in case’, and
  • attempts to stockpile medicines.

However, pharmacists and other pharmacy staff are being sworn at and abused according to reports received by the Devon local pharmaceutical committee (LPC) today.

Community pharmacy is open, but it is very busy.

Infection control measures may also be in place to protect staff and customers during the coronavirus pandemic. This all means it may take a bit longer than usual to be served and/or dispense prescriptions.

Sue Taylor Chief Officer of Devon Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC) said:

“Tensions are understandably high at the moment, but that does not mean people can come into pharmacy and abuse the staff. It simply isn’t on”.

“Shouting abuse and swearing at staff who are doing their absolute best to keep local residents supplied with medicines is abhorrent and totally unacceptable.  Please do not abuse pharmacy staff, treat them with respect as they do you”.

“There are enough medicines in the supply chain if everyone orders their usual quantities and duration.”