Flu Detectives

Last night the BBC One Show featured 2 segments entitled ‘Flu Detectives” which gave a fascinating insight into the development of this year’s Flu Vaccine for the northern hemisphere.

The first segment was filmed in January at the Crick Institute in London and shows flu virus samples being delivered from all over the world and the complex challenges of identifying which strains should be chosen for the final vaccine.  The second segment was filmed in February and shows the Crick Institute Director John McCauley travelling to the WHO conference in Beijing and the reasons why only 3 flu strains were chosen at that point which contributed to the delay in the manufacturing of the current vaccines.

You can watch the programme by clicking on the pink arrow on this link:  https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0008kg0/the-one-show-18092019

Fast-forward to the first segment which starts at 23 minutes into the show; the second segment starts 38 minutes into the show.  The video will be available for the next 29 days