Mandatory Workforce Survey

A recent change in Pharmaceutical  Regulations which comes into force from the 1st October 2022,  requires all Community Pharmacy contractors in England to complete an annual workforce survey, this is now a requirement of terms of service for Community Pharmacy Contractors.

The Community Pharmacy Workforce Survey 2022 launched on the 6th October 2022,  will close on Wednesday 30th November 2022.

This new requirement recognises the priority the NHS places on the community pharmacy workforce, and the importance of collecting consistent, accurate data on the size and shape of the workforce to inform future investment in education and training and effective workforce planning across all sectors of pharmacy both nationally and in integrated care boards.

The survey is very similar to the previous two surveys (undertaken in 2017 and 2021), with questions about the number and full-time equivalent (FTE) number of ten different types of staff (including pharmacists, trainee pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, dispensing assistants, medicines counter assistants and delivery drivers). The survey will also ask about any trainees in the pharmacy.

You can see the questions that are asked in the online survey which is included in the HEE guidance sheetThis would be a useful tool to download and review,  to ensure you have all your information to hand, before entering on the portal. 

To understand the make-up of the community pharmacy workforce, as part of the Inclusive Pharmacy Practice programme, optional questions regarding four protected characteristics (age, sex, ethnicity, disability) will also be included in the survey. Although these questions are optional, collating this information is important and we encourage the submission of this data where contractors have it.

Next Steps

All contractors should have received an email from the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) with a link to the webpage to complete the survey online.  Community Pharmacy organisations who are multiples, will be able to access an Excel template through their relevant membership organisations (AIM/CCA/NPA). The process for the survey means it is not possible to remove, in advance, all pharmacies where a head office submission will be made.  It will be necessary for head offices to liaise with your teams in branches to inform them that this submission will be done at head office level and to check with you before starting the online survey.

Please visit the HEE website for further details regarding Community Pharmacy Workforce Survey 2022, including Frequently Asked Questions.