National Recruitment Scheme open until March 1st 2024

All trainee pharmacists for 2025/26 must be recruited via the National Recruitment Scheme, Oriel. The National Recruitment Scheme opened for employers on Thursday 11th January 2024 and will close on March 1st 2024.

Employer Guidance

Participating in the National Recruitment Scheme does not guarantee that your programme(s) will fill, as there have historically been more training places available than potential trainees to fill them. You can update your knowledge of the scheme by reading the Employer Handbook which contains step-by-step guidance on completing your employer programme submission form(s), a recruitment timeline and regional contact support details.

We have developed a short video to support employers with registering to participate in the National Recruitment Scheme, this is available to watch from the Employer Registration page.  

You may find it helpful to see information submitted by employers in 2023 by viewing the ‘Pharmacy Employers and Programme Information from 2023 document available on the Employer Information page of our website. Please note that some of this information uses terminology which has now changed following GPhC reforms to the initial education and training of pharmacists in 2021.

To support preparation for the 2025/26 foundation training, and in registering pharmacy training programmes on Oriel, the NHS England South West WTE south west pharmacy team is holding a series of 30-minute on-line support sessions through January and February.  These will be ad-hoc online drop in support sessions for you to discuss with WT&E South West any specific issues and questions you may have relating to Oriel and registering your training programmes. The times and links are below:

Wednesday 17th January 11:00 Click here to join the meeting

Monday 22nd January 15:00 Click here to join the meeting

Monday 29th January 10:00 Click here to join the meeting

Tuesday 6th February 13:30 Click here to join the meeting

Tuesday 13th February 16:00 Click here to join the meeting

Wednesday 21st February 14:00 Click here to join the meeting

Wednesday 28th February 09:30 Click here to join the meeting