NHS Contracts Documentation (and Inhaler Review Training in Plymouth)

28 May 2021

Following a number of queries regarding the new contract process, The CCG have produced an FAQ’s document to answer common questions and provide some further clarity around what it is they are requesting. Please be reminded that the deadline for the submission of Appendix 1 and Appendix B is the end of this month – Monday 31st May – as these will determine the content of the contract paperwork.

The second part of the process i.e. Appendix 2 and policy submissions and contract agreements will have a cut-off date of 31st July 2021.

We have also obtained some generic policy documents which you can use if you do not already have these documents in place;

These documents will need to be personalised to your own pharmacy, indicated by the highlighted sections.

If you have any further specific queries, you can contact the CCG at D-CCG.medicinesoptimisation@nhs.net.