Pharmacy Advice Audit: Have you taken part yet?

Pharmacy owners and their teams in Devon still have time to get involved in the Pharmacy Advice Audit after the deadline was extended to Friday 28th June.

The audit is gathering critical evidence for use in the ongoing call for increased funding and to capture healthcare advisory work not being covered by Pharmacy First. Its results will be used to build more support for the sector from patient groups, politicians, and the national press.

Community Pharmacy England has extended the deadline to Friday 28th June to give pharmacy teams more time to take part. The more pharmacies that get involved, the stronger the audit data becomes.

Community Pharmacy Devon supports the audit and would encourage all pharmacy owners to take part who are able to do so. You can do it over just one day and this is your chance to have a direct impact on the case being made for community pharmacy.

Once you have completed the audit, please don’t forget to submit your data on PharmOutcomes.

What you need to do

Over the course of just one day, pharmacies are asked to follow four simple steps:

  1. Record patient/customer interactions where:
    1. advice was given by either a non-pharmacist team member and/or a pharmacist AND
    2. the consultation is not covered by the Pharmacy First service.
  2. Carry this out across a full working day, recording all consultations.
  3. Estimate the percentage of consultations that were recorded (this is to recognise that some consultations may be missed).
  4. When all consultations have been completed, enter the data on PharmOutcomes.

All the information and resources you need, including a template for data entry, can be found at: