Pharmacy First Update

This is an important update regarding the NHS Devon ICB commissioned Devon Pharmacy First Service, currently in operation in Devon.

Our records indicate one or more branches of your pharmacy business are currently accredited for and / or delivering this service.

As outlined in our previous correspondence (22nd March 2024), NHS Devon ICB have now completed a full service review for this locally commissioned service to evaluate the impact of the launch of the new national Pharmacy First Service (January 2024). Please see the attached letter for more details on the outcome of this review and the resulting changes to the service.

The following documents have been updated, effective from the 15th July 2024:

  • Service Specification – Devon Pharmacy First Service

The following local Clinical Protocol and PGD will be retired, effective 15th July 2024:

    • NHS Devon Hydrogen Peroxide 1% Cream Protocol for the treatment of impetigo
    • NHS Devon Nitrofurantoin M/R Capsules PGD for the treatment of uncomplicated UTIs

ACTION: Please kindly ensure the relevant pharmacy team/s in your pharmacy business are aware of this update. Updated service documentation can be found on the NHS Devon Pharmacy First Service webpage.