PQS: Deadline for requesting editing rights for your NHS website profile

Community pharmacy contractors who do not have editing rights for their NHS website profile must request these via their premises-shared NHSmail account by the end of the day on 15th November 2019 to ensure that they receive these before the deadline (11.59pm on 30th November 2019) for updating their NHS website to meet the gateway criterion of the Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS).

Any requests after this deadline, or requests made via non-NHSmail accounts will increase the risk of a contractor not obtaining editing rights by the deadline, which could result in non-compliance with the NHS website gateway criterion as contractors will not be able to update or validate the three sections of their NHS website profile by the deadline.

Requests for editing rights after 15th November 2019 will not be accepted as a valid reason for not being able to meet the NHS website gateway criterion.

Requesting editing rights

Contractors who do not have editing rights for their NHS website profile will need to follow the instructions on page 8 of the NHS website Pharmacy Quality Scheme 2019-20 Updating NHS website profile User guide.

Lost passwords

If a contractor has lost their password, they can request a new password on the NHS website.