Pharmoutcomes Access Issues

We are aware that Pharmoutcomes has installed multifactor authentication (MFA). Each Pharmoutcomes user must have their own login which must be linked to a unique email address. Email documenting how to set up and FAQ link sent to shared NHS mail box.

Users with shared email addresses can no longer access the system. You will not be able to set up MFA or access Pharmoutcomes without a unique email address; you will be prompted to set up MFA the next time you log in. MFA is available on a desktop application.

We recognise the significant impact and disruption this has caused some contractors and we are in constant contact with PharmOutcomes, Community Pharmacy England and our partners in the wider NHS.

Key information to support you:

  1. Contractor guidance can be accessed here:
  2. FAQs can be found here MFAFAQ.pdf (
  3. These are being updated regularly so please save the link and check it regularly

Actions by PharmOutcomes:

  1. Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) implemented 5th March for all PharmOutcomes users
  2. Additional capacity to support with queries
  3. Additional telephone number 0345 450 6279
  4. Guidance documents issued and further support tools are being developed