Specialist Medicines Service

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Dear All

We have been working to revise the pharmacies identified for the Specialist Medicines Service following some closures/hour amendments and queries raised etc. The attached is the finalised list of pharmacies providing this service – this information has been included within the Christmas pharmacy rota recently distributed and is in the process of being uploaded to the NHSE website.

Alongside this we have been reviewing the PQS list of drugs (thanks Sue/Kelly, Devon LPC for your feedback on this), plus system requests. There is one drug being removed from the BNSSG list (Ertapenem) and some additions. On that basis, please see attached revised drug lists that we will be issuing to the providers of this service shortly, we wanted to share this with you in advance of that circulation in case you had any queries. The providers are aware that we are updating this to share with them.

Specifically in relation to the PQS list there were 4 medications not included in the list, we have included 3 of 4 of those within the revised list (with limited quantities) following a review of prescribing data/clinical input and some input from pharmacies on the ground not currently commissioned to understand what they would routinely have in stock. We believe that most pharmacies are likely to have Cyclizine tablets 50mg in stock, but the other three as you will note we have added to the list (Dexamethasone tablets 2mg, Haloperidol tablets 500 mcg plus an amendment to the ampoule size for morphine sulfate (to allow for the larger size). We will give the pharmacies some time to get these into stock, however are conscious that declarations for the PQS commence on 6th February 2023.

Apologies for the short notice, however if you have any queries or concerns, please let us know by COP Monday so we can issue the revised drug list out to the pharmacies. We will be looking to review the service in advance of 2023/24 with the systems.

Many thanks for your patience.

NHS England – South West