Community Pharmacy Contraceptive Service

The specification for the pharmacy contraceptive service is now available for pharmacy contractors. The specification includes the training requirements for the service.

Contraception Training event documents 

The service requirements are included in the Service Specification and Patient Group Directions (PGDs) which can be found here and here. 

From 1st December 2023, the service incorporates initiation and repeat supplies of contraception. Any pharmacy registering to provide the service from that date onwards must provide the full service, i.e. both initiation and repeat supplies.

From 1st December 2023, once those pharmacies are ready to provide the expanded service (i.e. initiation and repeat supply), they must opt-in by making a declaration on MYS. This opt-in must be undertaken by 29th February 2024. Any pharmacies providing the Tier 1 service who do not opt-in by that date will be automatically deregistered from the service.

What is required:

Pharmacies must have a consultation room in order to be able to offer this service, which meets the requirements in the Terms of Service. The consultation room must also have IT equipment accessible within the room to allow contemporaneous records of the consultations provided as part of this service. In some cases, a blood pressure reading and a BMI, will need to be recorded, according to the PGD protocol. Pharmacy owners will, therefore, need to ensure that they have the necessary equipment required to undertake blood pressure readings, measure an individual’s weight and height. You can not claim separately for the BP clinical check this is included in the service.

Pharmacy owners must ensure all equipment used to carry out these measurements for individuals within the pharmacy are accurate and fit for purpose in line with the GPhC standards.

Equipment that is to be used to undertake clinic blood pressure checks in the service must be validated by the British and Irish Hypertension Society (BIHS), so pharmacy owners must use a ‘normal’ BP meter which is included on one of the two following BIHS lists:

Competency requirements 

Pharmacy owners must ensure that pharmacy staff providing any aspect of the service are competent to do so in line with the specific skills and knowledge in the service specification and the relevant PGDs. This may involve completion of training.

Competency evidence 

Pharmacy owners need to keep documentary evidence that all pharmacy staff involved in any aspect of provision of the service are competent with regards to the specific skills and knowledge outlined in the service specification and the relevant PGDs.

Pharmacists providing the service will be personally responsible for remaining up to date with the skills and competencies identified in the service specification and associated PGDs.

Mandatory training

Pharmacists providing the service must have completed one of the recommended Safeguarding level 3 training materials OR have direct access to professional advice from someone who can advise on Safeguarding at Level 3.


  • Safeguarding Level 3 elfh Safeguarding Children and Young People (SGC) – Safeguarding Children Level 3.

Standard Operating Procedure

Pharmacy owners must have an SOP for the service, which all staff participating in provision of the service must be familiar with and follow. The SOP must include the process for maintenance and validation of the equipment used.

Please use the link below for first and second line prescribing in line with the GP practices

Devon Formulary link


Additional Documents: