Emergency/ Unplanned Closure of Pharmacy

The Southwest regional pharmacy team has issued an Unplanned Closure Policy for the Southwest, which will take effect from the 1st November 2022 which was recently circulated to all pharmacy contractors via the shared NHS email for each pharmacy.

Please ensure you read this policy and share with relevant colleagues within your Community Pharmacy.  Also, there was also a form you are required to complete and return to the Community Pharmacy generic inbox- england.pharmacysouthwest@nhs.net should you need to temporarily suspend services.

Newly issued documentation to support with actions required should you need to undertake an unplanned closure.

The key actions you need to take in the event of an unplanned closure include:

  • Notifying your Local GP Surgeries
  • NHS England notified of suspension of services
  • Profile Manager updated for all services (Click here for more info on Profile Manager)
  • Liaise with and update local opiate replacement service commissioner (Contact daily pick up / supervised clients – make alternative arrangements if necessary).
  •  Other local pharmacies notified




In the event of an unplanned closure, all contractors should immediately complete the ‘reporting an unplanned closure’ service, then once full pharmaceutical services (business as usual) have resumed the ‘pharmacy reopening’ service should then be completed.

PSNC has updated its guidance for contractors on the planning which can be undertaken, as part of business continuity planning, in advance of an emergency pharmacy closure and the actions that should be considered in the event of a closure.

A poster has also been made available for contractors to use to inform patients when a pharmacy has to close temporarily.

Read the briefing and download the closures poster from the PSNC website

Service Reporting Unplanned Closures on PharmOutcomes…

As you will all be aware, if a pharmacy is unable to provide services at any point during its opening hours (both core and/or supplementary) then there may be a ‘temporary suspension in the provision of pharmaceutical services,’ also known as an ‘unplanned closure.’

Contractors have previously been requested to complete a notification form providing details of the reason for the closure, the steps being taken to resume services and the measures put in place to mitigate the effect for patients.

In order to support contractors with this reporting process (including the things contractors must consider when closing), a new service has been created and is now available on PharmOutcomes for all contractors in the South West.

The form can be found under the ‘services’ tab under the sub heading ‘unplanned closures’ where there are two services:

  • Reporting an unplanned closure
  • Pharmacy reopening service

Link to the Profile Manager for use when contractors need for using for DOS and the website updates. https://psnc.org.uk/digital-and-technology/databases-of-pharmacies-and-services/nhs-profile-manager/